Factors That Affect Diamond Ring Prices

There are many factors that affect the diamond ring’s price, and you should have a good knowledge about them before you buy a ring.

Base Metal
Diamond rings are usually made with gold and platinum metal, although you can also find rings made from sterling silver. The base metal you choose greatly influences the cost of the ring. A platinum ring is more expensive when compared to the one made using gold or silver. The karat value of the metal also determines the price of the ring. An 18 or 14 karat metal will cost you less than a 22 or 24 karat gold band.

When you buy a diamond ring, its size, shape, cut, carat, colour, and other features like incorporating precious stone will affect the cost. The higher the carat value of the stone, the bigger it will be and the more it will cost you. Diamonds that have a slight yellow tint are priced lower than colourless stones. The intricacy of the cut and the level of craftsmanship required to shape the stone will also play a role in determining the value. If the diamond has absolutely no inclusions or flaws, then it will come with a larger price tag than the one that has minute microscopic flaws.

Various kinds of settings are used to attach the diamond to the metal band. Some of the popular setting types are prong, pave, bezel, invisible, bar and channel. Each type of setting has its own advantages and drawbacks. You will find that most of the designs feature prong setting as it enhances the shine and sparkle of the stone. The level of expertise required to frame the setting determines the price.

As the size of the diamond ring increases, the cost also increases proportionally. To balance the cost, you can go for smaller diamonds or ones that are priced a little less. The thickness of the band also affects the price.

Online Store
Though all the above factors play a role in determining the ring’s price, the most important factor is the place where you buy diamond ring. There are many online jewellery stores scattered on the internet that offer an extensive collection of ring designs that satisfy all your preferences and requirements. Go to a reputed online store that gives you complete value for your money.


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