DJ Equipment Speakers – Tips For Choosing the Best DJ Speaker Packages on a Budget

One of the most important requirements of a good disco setup is a pair of quality DJ Equipment Speakers. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need lots of money to get your hands of an extremely effective pair of DJ speakers. It is common for people to opt for two extremes when buying speakers and that is they either go for dirt cheap DJ speakers that are second hand or spend lots of money unnecessarily on the top range JBL DJ speakers. The secret here is to allow a mid range budget for a pair of quality disco speakers from a good DJ outlet and to make sure that they are a well known model from a known manufacturer such as Peavey, Alto or Citronic.

All the mid range speaker manufacturers produce cabinets that will be very capable of giving all the sound requirements for most mobile discos and medium sized venues including night clubs. The most commonly overlooked aspect of choosing good disco speakers is not the speaker itself but the amplification required to drive the speaker/s at optimum levels for maximum efficiency.

As a summary the following are most common speaker options currently available:

2 Way Speaker Cabinets – These units include both a treble and bass cone and an electronic crossover providing sound distribution based on frequency to the individual speaker cones which generally provide a good balanced full range sound output.

Bass Bins – Individual bass cones, usually 12 or 18 inch, that provide solely bass frequency output which you can often feel rather than hear. These bass speakers require relatively large amplification to get the best possible output within their limited sound frequency range.

Active Speakers – These can include both 2 way speaker cabinets and single speakers but primarily the active definition means that they include inbuilt amplification rather than having to hook them up to an external amplifier.

Passive Speakers – Speakers that require external amplification and these are best suited to larger venues or where you already have amplification available.

As you can see there are different speaker options available, based on budget and requirement, but as a general rule most disco or DJ equipment setups include a pair of Passive 2 Way Speaker Cabinets plus a 300w to 600 watt external amplifier. There are some really good DJ speaker packages available at the moment, many including free DJ speaker stands, so you can haggle and get a good speaker package deal that will not break the bank and unlike buying second hand many reputable DJ suppliers will offer solid guarantees and warranties for added peace of mind.

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